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last night

 Last night was amazing...........

After he came, I just shivered all over and I waited, staying still, feeling all that cum start to ooze out of my pussy.......
I went to the mirror, and stood, and watched it slide down my lips and let it drip out onto the floor........

And then I sat on the edge of the bed and I came, my fingers wild all over my clit, rubbing the last of his cum into me. 

Even now, when I think about it, it makes me tremble.

Storytime! "Kristi Gets Creamed"

Kristi arrived at the door at half past 8. Business as usual... every Saturday night, she babysat for her neighbor, Jon. He was a widow with three kids, and since she needed a little extra spending cash, Kristy had volunteered to watch the kids while Jon went out with friends.
She pressed a small finger to the doorbell, and ajusted her skirt... so cute, but, so short! It was always rising up a bit in the back.
Jon answered the door with a familiar smile, and welcomed her inside. As usual, the house was cool and the place was tidy. She put her purse on the coffee table and looked around, a little confused. The tv was off, and the house was quiet.
“Where are the kids?” Kristi sat down on an overstuffed armchair and remembered to cross her legs... ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have worn this skirt,’ she thought, and placed her hands over her bare thighs.
Jon sat on the arm of the chair, just a little closer than he’d ever sat before. “They’re gone for the week with my sister. So, it’s just me and the peace-and-quiet for 7 days!”
She was aware of his body... his heat... so close to her own. Kristi began to blush a little, and suddenly, she felt a little flutter in her belly. Jon was an attractive man, although he was at least 15 years older, she’d often had little fantasties about going on a date with him... sometimes, even kissing.
“So... I guess you won’t need me tonight...” she stood up, and became aware of his eyes, moving over her small breasts. A chill ran over her body, and instantly, her nipples hardend under her thin white t-shirt.
Jon put his hand on her arm and gently pulled her closer to him, “You don’t have to leave,” he whispered, with his lips almost touching her cheek. “Stay...” and then they did touch her... His lips brushed against her soft pink cheek. She was blushing again.
She turned her face to the side and met his lips with her own. Her lipgloss was sweet and slippery. “You taste like sugar,” he said, and then slipped his arms around her little body and pulled her to him. Kristi’s nipples rubbed against his shirt, which made her moan as they kissed.
And then his hand was slidding down her back, finding the curve of her ass. He rubbed it and squeezed it a little, as he started kissing the curve of her neck. “Damn, I love your ass,” he squeezed it, firmly, and gave her neck a little bite. She let out a little sound in surprise and excitement. He released her from his arms, and stood up, nearly a foot taller.
Kristi looked up at him, her apple cheeks were glowing and her breathing was quick. He took off his shirt and then, with his thumbs, touched her nipples through her t-shirt. And then he stroked her honey colour hair and smiled. “You’re so pretty, Kristi,” he smiled down at her, “I want to see you...” he started to lift her t-shirt, “all of you...”
 A few moments later, they were both naked, although Kristi kept her panties. They’d found their way to the big, soft sofa, and he was laying overtop of her, kissing and sucking at her pert pink nipples. He’s suck on one and pinch the other with his fingertips. No one had ever touched her like this before... it was exhillerating! She had tingles all through her body and she felt her panties clinging to her wet pussy lips. His touch was so exciting! Kristi let herself get lost in the moment...
And then she felt his fingers rubbing against her panties... pushing and stroking...
“Are you going to let me in, Kristi?” He was pulling her panties down... over her hips... now down her thighs... Jon slipped a finger up and down her little pink slit. He smiled, “I always knew you’d have a puffy lips.”
She giggled, blushed again, and let her legs part open a little more. He was still sliding his finger up and down her slit, watching her body squirm. He licked her juice from his finger and spread her legs open as he aimed his thick, hard cock at her pussy.
“Wait...” she took his cock in her hand. It was so thick, her thumb and fingertips didn’t meet. His cock was rock hard, hot, and throbbing. “Jon... maybe you should wear a condom...” Kristi closed her legs a little. She looked nervous, maybe even a little scared. “I’m not on the pill.” She put both hands on his chest, stroking him gently.
Jon’s cock pulsed. Not on the pill ... the thought of his bare cock pounding into her unprotected little pussy was just too exciting! He couldn’t stand it! He pushed her legs open and thrust his cock into her, HARD! Krisit screamed, shocked by the force of his massive cock! He was pulling it out and slamming back in, mashing it all the way to the back of her tight wet snatch, fucking her fast !
His cock felt enormous inside! Kristi screamed and moaned, her body wiggling under him. She could feel his bare cockhead bumping up against her cervix, pounding into her, almost too hard. She was moaning, scared and yet so turned on... “Jon...” she panted, “Jon your cock... is ... so... fucking... big!” She lifted her legs higher, grabbing onto her ankles as he slammed into her pussy. BANG BANG BANG
He took hold of her legs and watched his bare cock as it disapeared into her over, and over... Her puffy little pussy stretched ot the limit, squeezing his cock, and dripping shiney pussy juice everytime he pushed in. ‘She’s not on the pill,’ he thought, and felt his balls twitch with excitment.
Krisit was cumming! She was screaming and squirming, pinching her pink nipples. Her pussy spasmed again and again, sucking at his thick cock. She panted and felt dizzy... moaning, she begged him, “Please... please Jon...” she couldn’t catch her breath.
“Yeah, you want it, don’t you...” he fucked her deep, “ you want my load inside you, I know you do.” His cock was on fire, thrusting in and out of her little wet pussy hole. “Damn, you’re so fucking tight!”
“No, Jon!” Kristi pushed at him, “don’t cum inside me!” She wimpered every time he thrust forward, bumping against her cervix. It felt so good... so dangerous... “Please, don’t cum in my pussy... You could get me pregnant!”
That sent him over the edge! He grunted and plunged HARD into her, unleashing giant spurts of hot white cum deep inside her pussy. Kristi squealed and squirmed under him while her pussy fluttered tightly around his cumming cock. Jon’s whole body shook and shivered as he blasted his seed deep inside her unprotected pussy.
They lay together, panting, his cock still pulsing inside her pussy, as his cum started to leak out little by little, and drip down over the curve of her ass. He kissed her sugary lips, and comforted her, and rubbed his fingers over her belly... wondering if he might have impregnated her...  and with that thought, his cock began to throb again...
To be continued.

Sexy lil doodles

Bend Over !
Bend Over 


got creamed last night

 Last night, he came inside me ... it was sooo gooey and slippery...

I lay there and felt his cum inside me...
I felt it oozing out real slow...

When I woke up this morning, some cum was still inside my pussy. 


Erotic Story : Creamie Dreamie Sex

by me, CreamPuffCherry

Sophie lay dreaming, her body warm and soft under the blankets… she was dreaming of her lover, Richard … he was caressing the soft white curve of her bottom with his big dark hands.
“Mmmm...” she arched her back a little, and somewhere, half way between dream and waking, she could feel the warmth of his body against hers.
Richard spooned up against Sophie’s perfectly round ass, and slipped his arm over her slender waist. He began kissing her neck, taking in the sexy scent of her skin. His cock was full and stiff... all he would think about was being inside her... sinking down into her soft wet pussy...
He slipped his hand between her milky thighs and cupped her smooth pussy in his hand.  Her puffy lips were already dewy... it was so easy to slide his finger inside. Sophie moaned and spread her thighs for him, as her pussy tugged eagerly at his finger.
“Yeah, baby,” he whispered into her ear, and started to slide his fat cockhead on her puffy wet slit. Richard pushed real slowly, so the head of his cock slipped between Sophie’s pussy lips. “I”m going inside, baby,” he whispered, “feel it?”
Sophie, still dreamy, moaned softly and whispered, “yes... “
He pushed forward a little more. The head of his cock *popped* right into her tight little hole. Sophie moaned and squirmed a little, her body moving against him. Richard started to pump, slowly, carefully, rocking their bodies together. His bare cock slid half way out, and then slid back down, deep into the delicate pink folds of her pussy.
Sophie’s little pink nipples stiffened and ached, and she found one with her fingers, rubbing it and pinching it gently as she moaned with pleasure. Her voice was a breathless whisper in the dark, “Oh, yes... mmm... fuck me, baby... mmm”
Richard’s hand covered hers, and together, they squeezed her cream white breast, so full and soft... He started to pump harder, panting against the curve of her neck. He could feel her soft ass bumping against him as he pushed his fat hard cock into her juicey pussy. And then there was a tingling in his balls... he knew he was going to cum...
“I’m gonna shoot my cum inside you,” Richard kissed her neck and pulled her closer to him, holding her body against his, and sank his cock all the way to the deepest part of her pussy. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum... gonna give you a hot creamiepie deep in your pussy...” He pumped his cock in and out,  “Take it, baby... take all my cum“ he felt his orgasm welling up as her pussy sucked at his burning cock.
She felt her own orgasm mounting, tingling and swelling up inside her pussy and her belly... “Yes! Shoot that cum inside me!” She begged him, moaning and mewing.
And then it happened ! Richard pushed his cock so hard it made her gasp, and his thick jets of gooey white cum shot out of his cock, and started to fill up her puffy wet pussy. He pushed forward again, as another spurt shot out ! He rubbed his hand on her lower belly, and imagined all his cum inside her.
Sophie turned her face to meet his kiss, their lips locked together. She felt all his gooey cum inside, and his cock, still throbbing, deep in her pussy. There was a warm wetness on her thighs, and she could feel the cum dripping out really slow... It was thick and creamie, and made a sexy squishy sound as he keeped on fucking her, wanting to push it in, farther, deeper...
And then they both drifted, his cock still inside her, into a warm and snuggly dream... And all night long, Sophie’s pussy was wet with his thick white cream.

My very first post

Hi ! ^_^ This is my very first journal post

I want to tell you a little about me . . .


There is nothing as nice as having my lover shoot his big fat load of cum right inside my little pink pussy! (gives me goosebumps all over just to think about it.) 

Things I really like about getting a creamiepie:

- I love the way it makes my pussy feel full and extra wet
- I love the way it feels when it's real thick and just drips out really slow
- Sometimes I like to see my creamiepied pussy in a mirror... it's so pretty and sexy!
- It feels so naughty to have cum in my pussy... and I love to be naughty!
- Creamiepies are slippery and fun to rub all over my clit and pink pussy lips
- Sometimes I like to roleplay, and I say, "oh no! Don't cum in me!" Ooops! hehe!

Creamiepies are awsome! Yummie!